Waterloo intenational station 1993

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Waterloo intenational station 1993

Post  Admin on Thu Jan 07, 2010 6:49 pm

Warterloo international station.

Completed in may 1993.
The whole roof and glass walls wer compleated and in place, along with landscaping, platforms, escilators, lifts.... etc

Below shows the construction peroid of waterloo international, showing the year above, and the thin blue line extending until the year it was complete:

A Quote from the Indipendant on the 13th October 1992:
Roger Freeman, the transport minister, standing at centre in the right-hand mobile platform, watches the final pane being placed in the canopy over Waterloo International, the first railway terminus to be built in London since the Victorian era. The pounds 130m station for Channel tunnel trains is expected to open next May.


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