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Toy story - 1995 Empty Toy story - 1995

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Toy story:

Toy story has been in development for a long time. The earliest we see rendered footage of the film is in 1992. It fetchers woody and buzz. Woody is a bit different as we see him as a ventriloquist doll. Buzz is nearly the same because he has the exact face as we see in the film the only difference is woody is red and is wearing a different suit. In 1992 they pitched the idea of toy story to Disney, and there it all began.

A quote from Tim Allen says "I was given the scripted in 1992 and fell in love with it," Tim Allen added. "I realized it was the chance to be part of movie history". This means that the story was written in 1992

Here is another quote by Tim Allen and Tom hanks "We started way back in 1992. We do the voices first and then they draw the movie". This suggests that some of the voices you here in the film were actually recorded in 1992.

These are pre-rendered buzz Lightyear pictures from 1992:
Toy story - 1995 Buzzface
As you can see Buzz is exactly the same apart from his suite.

Below is actual footage form the 1992 Toy story.